Bald Eagle (Phoenix Zoo)
Black Crowned Night Heron, Gilbert Riparian Preserve

Tiger Milkweed Butterfly, Phoenix Zoo Trails

White-breasted nuthatch Dead Horse Ranch State Park Arizona

Gila Woodpecker at it's nest

Cedar Waxwing (Phoenix, Arizona)

Broad-billed Hummingbird (Superior, Arizona)

Orange-crowned Warbler, Gilbert Riparian

Common Black Hawk, Page Springs Arizona

Black-necked Stilt, Gilbert Riparian

American Bald Eagle, Dead Horse Rance State Park, Arizona

Great Horned Owl, Backyard

Golden Eagle (Phoenix Zoo)

Peregrine Falcon Liberty Wildlife Center

Burrowing Owl (Phoenix Zoo)

Northern Cardinal (Salt River in Arizona)

Blue Morpho Butterfly (Butterfly Wonderland)

Malachite Butterfly (Butterfly Wonderland)

Butterfly (Butterfly Wonderland)

Vermilion Flycatcher (Along the Salt River in Tonto National Forest)

Black Crowned Night Heron,  Gilbert Riparian 

Coopers Hawk, Backyard

European Starling, Gilbert Riparian

Harris Hawk, Tonto National Forest

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